Thomas M. Pullen Herbarium
Wednesday, April 25, 2018 University of Mississippi | Biology Department

The Pullen Herbarium (MISS)
The Pullen Herbarium (MISS) collection consists of over 62,000 vascular plant specimens, as well as non vascular plants, slime molds and woods. With funding from the National Science Foundation , the collection is now housed in new cabinets on a compactor system and the specimen data has been entered into a searchable database.

This page now includes specimen data from the Mississippi State University Herbarium (MISSA).

You can search on this page for:
Click here for information about our efforts to preserve GCRL specimens damaged by hurricane Katrina.

Contact the Staff of the Pullen Herbarium:
Dr. Lucile McCook, Curator and Instructor of Biology
Pat Pace, Webmaster

Request Information or Specimens
To learn more about the collection or to request a loan, contact the Curator.
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