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Rare Plants of Holly Springs National Forest
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A Guide to the Threatened, Endangered and Sensitive Plants and Their Habitats.

The Holly Springs National Forest (HSNF) comprises 154,654 acres in North Mississippi in Benton, Lafayette, Marshall, Tippah, Union and Yalobusha counties. Within HSNF, thirty TES plant species have been identified. Threatened, endangered or sensitive (TES) plant species are those that are listed, proposed for listing, or warrant special attention on state or federal lists of rare plant species as tracked by the Mississippi Natural Heritage Program and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Lucile McCook and Margaret Parks, a student in the Department of Biology, are conducting surveys of TES plant species in HSNF. The goal is to produce a field guide to TES plants and to their habitats in northern Mississippi, including suggestions for management, that can be used by foresters, land managers, conservation biologists, and the general public. The study will include a literature review, extensive field reconnaissance, and GIS mapping of potential habitat for TES plants. This project has been funded by a Challenge Cost-Share Agreement between the USDA Forest Service, Holly Springs National Forest, and The University of Mississippi Department of Biology. The guide will be posted on the web upon completion.
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