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Pullen Herbarium Specimen Database of Mississippi Specimens
This search yields results for Mississippi specimens only, and only for plant families entered into our database. Click on accession number to see the complete record.
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The scientific name conforms to the most currently accepted name according to the USDA Plants Database.
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Discretion should be used in utilizing this data without viewing the specimens because every identification and locality has not been verified.
Please cite us if you use data from our database: MISS, Pullen Herbarium, Department of Biology, University of Mississippi, University, MS 38677 (

# Scientific Name Family State County Collection Date Acronym Accession #
1 Gladiolus ×gandavensis hort. Iridaceae Mississippi Newton 5-11-1968 MISS 32897
2 Gladiolus ×gandavensis hort. Iridaceae Mississippi Marion 6-15-1966 MISS 17039
3 Gladiolus ×gandavensis hort. Iridaceae Mississippi Lamar 5-27-1966 MISS 11215
4 Gladiolus ×gandavensis hort. Iridaceae Mississippi Jefferson Davis 6-3-1966 MISS 19033
5 Gladiolus ×gandavensis hort. Iridaceae Mississippi Jefferson 6-9-1966 MISS 17420
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